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Auslogics releases free, portable task manager alternative

There are plenty of good reasons to keep a good Task Manager alternative on your flash drive -- like when some nasty malware has disabled access to Windows' native one. We've mentioned some options before on DownloadSquad, and now there's a new one to add to the mix.

Auslogics has just released a free, fully portable app that will only take up a scant 1.7Mb of space on your drive. ATM provides information about applications, processes, services, and open files. Apart from displaying processor and ram usage, disk and internet throughput, the context menu provides quick access to plenty of task-related kung fu.

For starters, there's the option to look up a process or service on Auslogics' online FileInspect. The service provides helpful information like who the developer is, where the file ought to be located, its default attributes, and user comments about the file.

You can also end a process or temporarily freeze it, adjust CPU affinity and priority, and locate the file on your hard drive. ATM's tools menu also provides quick access to important Windows screens like services, computer management, performance monitor, and control panel.

Grab the free download of Auslogics Task Manager and sock it away on your flash drive. It's well worth keeping around just in case.

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