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First beta download of Avast 5.0 free antivirus released [gallery]

It's a little bit behind schedule (it was slated for the end of July/early August), but the first Avast 5.0 beta has been released for testing.

The most noticeable change for most users will be the restyled interface - gone is the overstylized media player look. There are, of course, a number of other improvements and new features which I mentioned back in July.

Bear in mind that this is a full-on beta. The forum post lists numerous features that are not yet implemented including rootkit detection. Definitions are also not fully up to date and the behavior shield is not fully active either. On top of that, Windows 7's action center doesn't recognize Avast 5 as an antivirus program yet.

Casual users looking for protection should steer clear for now. Experienced users who understand the risks and want to see what will look like? Go nuts. Download it from the post and try it out!

Otherwise, check the gallery after the break! The final product is due in October, and we'll keep you up to date on its progress.

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