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Translate before you tweet, using Twinslator

As Twitter's worldwide growth continues, non-English-speakers are adopting it in larger numbers. And when we don't all speak the same language, it might sometimes be necessary to translate a tweet into something other than your native tongue. Twinslator makes that very easy, by providing what's essentially a mashup of Twitter and Google Translate. It's a translator you can tweet from.

If you don't translate very often, it might not thrill you to save a minute or so and a little copy-paste from the regular Google Translate site. If you do it frequently, though, Twinslator could be great for you. Twinslator also wisely gives you the option of double-posting the original tweet and the translation, so the maximum number of your followers will get the message. Even if it's not likely to be wildly popular, it's still nice to see someone acknowledging the global scope of Twitter and attempting to connect cultures

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