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Is this really all Microsoft is doing with the Windows 7 gadget gallery?

With the impending flood of Windows 7 into the retail channel, you'd think that all related initiatives from Microsoft would be gearing up. After all, this looks like it will be the biggest launch in Microsoft history.

Based on the number of Vista systems I see on my workbench that don't even have the sidebar enabled, gadgets are likely a low-priority item. For most users, personalization is more about changing color schemes and wallpaper and Microsoft has definitely provided plenty of theming options for Windows 7.

Still, if you're going to display gadgets as part of the personalization site shouldn't you provide some more compelling examples?

Date and time? Outlook Upcoming Appointments? Blogger Buddy? Come on, shouldn't that last one at least be preempted by a Live Spaces option?

And to list only six, well heck, there are four sideshow gadgets available. How many laptops have you seen in the wild that even have a sideshow compatible screen?

I'm not a big gadget user anyway, but maybe if someone (possibly the company who created the OS) put together a selection of really impressive ones I'd actually start utilizing them. Right now, gadgets kind of feel like Microsoft put them there as a "We can do that, too!" retort to OsX.

What's your take on Windows gadgets? Do you bother with them? Take the poll after the break, and chime in with your comments!

Do you use any gadgets on Windows 7?
Yes, but none of the featured ones286 (29.3%)
Yes, and I use featured gadgets209 (21.4%)
Nope247 (25.3%)
Gadgets are a waste234 (24.0%)

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