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Blind Search reveals your real favorite search engine

Most people would say that Google is their favorite search engine. Hell, a lot of people think that Google is the only search engine, the same way some people refer to every soft drink as a "Coke." If Google is Coke, though, then Bing is Pepsi, and Blind Search is the Pepsi Challenge for search engines. Use it to take a blind taste of the results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, and find out which search engine you really prefer.

Considering the recently-announced Bing/Yahoo! partnership, you might want to go ahead and ignore the Yahoo! results. Regardless, it's still surprising to find out that Google doesn't turn out to be the best choice every time. Still, from the results Blind Search has collected so far, users appear to enjoy the great taste of Google 41% of the time, vs. 31% for Bing and 28% for Yahoo!

What did Blind Search tell you? Were you surprised by the results? Let us know in the comments.

[via Switched]

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