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Portfolio: Free, flashy stock tracker based on Adobe AIR

Portfolio Viewer
Portfolio Viewer is a slick desktop application for keeping track of the value of your stock portfolio. While it doesn't link to your investment account for actually making trades, the program does plot user-entered transactions on a chart and keep track of historic stock and fund prices.

You can create multiple portfolios like, say, one for your retirement account and another for your investment account. You can use the application to lookup stock and fund ticker symbols. And you can view detailed information in several handy graphs that show you the change in value of individual stocks or your entire portfolio over time. There's also a pie chart that shows how your funds are allocated.

Portfolio Viewer can import your investments from Quicken, Microsoft Money, or Excel files. And since the application is based on Adobe AIR, it can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

[via RefreshingApps]

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