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Snailmailr: send physical mail from the web

Email is a convenient way to communicate, but some correspondence requires the extra effort of a printed letter. With Snailmailr, though, printed letters don't actually take a whole lot of effort. Just enter an address, type up to four pages, and pay $1, and your letter will be printed and mailed for you. Does it still count as more personal than email when you don't have to leave your computer to do it?

Snailmailr costs a little bit more than a stamp, but saves you the time of picking up stamps or printing them yourself. Including the cost of envelope and paper, $1 is a pretty reasonable price to pay. There's a little bit of an extra cost, though, if you don't want to be tacky: you can remove the Snailmailr logo from your envelope for an extra 15 cents. Everything else about Snailmailr looks good: they allow color images in letters, and they address environmental concerns by using recycled paper and buying carbon offsets.

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