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Google Reader - Send To buttons for Instapaper and Evernote

One of our favorite people evar, Jordan Running, former lead blogger at Download Squad sent us this great tip as a follow up to yesterday's Google Reader post about sharing stories to social networks and creating custom links.

Jordan created a Send To link for Instapaper, a web app that allows you to save web pages for reading later. While he was at it, he made one for Evernote too. Here's the skinny.

Instapaper Send To link for Google Reader
1. Copy the following URL to your text editor${url}&title=${title}&username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD
2. Replace USERNAME (in caps) with your Instapaper username and replace your Instapaper password with PASSWORD. If you don't have a password, just delete everything after your USERNAME.

3. Go to the Settings tab in Google Reader and click on Send To. Then scroll down to Create custom link.

After you click on Create a custom link, a form will load and you can fill in the following:

Name: Instapaper
URL: Copy in the URL you edited in your text editor
Icon URL: Optional, but I think life is better with favicons:
Click Save and your Instapaper Send To button is created.

Evernote Send To button for Google Reader

Now that you've got the hang of it, moving onto Evernote is even easier:

1. Go to the Settings, Send To tab in Google Reader
2. Click on Create a custom link
3. In the Name field, type in Evernote
4. For URL, copy and paste the following line in its entirety${url}&title=${title
5. In the Icon URL, paste in the following:
6. Click Save and you're done.

Now when you go to the bottom of a story in Google Reader and click on Send To, you should see your new custom links. Slap yourself on the back and pour a nice cold one. You deserve it.

Thanks Jordan!

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