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Google Reader - new tools to share and save as PDF

Google Reader has released some useful features to help you share stories to your favorite social networks. Also, thanks to the folks at Digital Inspiration, there's a nifty tool where you can save a story in Google Reader as a PDF to your desktop.

It's all under the settings tab - click on the Send to

Which will take you to a screen list of networks you can select. There's also an option to manually add a network if one isn't already listed.

After you select your networks, they will appear as options at the bottom of each story as shown in the first screenshot.

Digital Inspiration shared a nice tip where you can save stories to your hard drive in PDF format by creating a custom link in the settings menu as follows:

Name: Save as PDF
Icon URL:

Once you enter the data in the custom link field in the Settings>Sent To menu, your PDF option will appear as shown below.

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