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Firm reports Twitter is 40% useless babble. We're 0% surprised.

Pear Analytics asks on their website, "Have you measured the impact of social media on your brand?" Apparently that's what they do. And they've been busily analyzing what goes on over at Twitter.

The super shocking results: just over 40% of tweets qualify as "pointless babble." Following in second place are "conversational" updates, at 37.5%.

Their findings are based on 2,000 tweets. Surely they must know what a small sample that amounts to - that's like a single hock in the Twitter spittoon. Regardless, what's the big deal here?

If you asked me how much of my Twitter stream is social white noise (which is what I'd expect a fancy social analytics firm to call it) I would probably say "about half." There's not really a need to analyze it. On top of that, it pretty much mimics what I experience in meatspace on a daily basis. People just love to talk about nothing.

Twitter is many things, but tops on the list are 1) a haven for self-promoting social media douchebags and 2) a place to post things you don't give a crap whether anyone cares about.

I guess I should be thankful. Finally, some rock-solid empirical data to prove what everyone with half a brain has been thinking about Twitter all along.

Go us!

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