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Warning: Facebook can get you fired and make a cop kick your ass

We've warned you before about the risks associated with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. There's that nasty Koobface thing floating around infecting people left and right. There are the myriad privacy concerns. But what about some more tangible, real-life risks?

Little things, like getting fired from your new job like the poor sod who forgot she friended her boss. There's a good lesson here for all of us.

If you're still working off your probationary period and can be let go without warning you should probably 1) try not to screw up all the time and 2) not badmouth your employer on Facebook when he/she can see your updates.
It would probably be a tad humiliating to have your termination notice posted right where all your friends can see it, dontcha think?

Moving on, it's probably also a good idea watch what you post to someone's spouse. Lieutenant John Sherman of the Martinsburg, PA police has been suspended with pay for to the messages a man sent his wife on Facebook. Unlike the firing incident, we don't have an incriminating-but-hilarious screencap to clarify.

But hey, for all we know the messages could have been along the lines of "I really hope your husband punches me in the face outside the old church," or "I'd pay John $5,000 to beat me silly in a field." Whatever the posts said, they clearly rubbed Sherman the wrong way.

There's still no Facebook App that will coldcock someone through their monitor, so I suppose kicking the guy's ass in a field near a church was the best way officer Sherman could think to say "back off."

Moral of the story: just as in real life, it's a good idea to watch your mouth on social networking sites.

Photo credits: Crime stopper via Flickr user kolix. FB fail via Reddit.

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