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Facebook acquires FriendFeed

I was going to title this blog post with something funny like "FriendFeed accepts Facebook friend request." But FriendFeed beat me to the punch by using the headline in the official announcement on the FriendFeed blog.

So here's the deal. Facebook has acquired FriendFeed, a site that few people have heard about, but which social networking nerds love. FriendFeed basically lets you keep track of activity on all of your social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, and dozens of others) from one place. Users can comment on one another's feeds, and nobody's limited to 140 characters.

Over the past few months, Facebook has implemented similar "lifestreaming" features into its own social networking site. The front page of Facebook looks a lot more like FriendFeed or Twitter these days, with real-time updates from your friends activity streams. And you can link some third party social networks to your Facebook account.

As part of the acquisition, the entire FriendFeed team will be joining Facebook, where they will likely bring more of FriendFeed's featureset to Facebook. For now, will continue to operate, but it's not clear whether Facebook will continue to operate FriendFeed as a separate site after the transition is complete.

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