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AOL Tech gives up and shuts down, the popular URL shortener owned by Nambu, was apparently not popular enough for the company to see any future in it. is shutting down, and links will redirect properly until at least the end of this year. The cost of development and server expansion outweighed the benefits to's owners, according to a blog post, because users will never pay for shortURL services.

Nambu also appears to be experience sour grapes over Twitter's decision to use as its default link shortener. The blog says that "Twitter has all but sapped us of any last energy to double-down and develop further. What is the point? With the Twitter default, and with us having no inside connection to Twitter, will lose over the the long-run no matter how good it may or may not be at this moment, or in the future."

It's a crowded field, and some players eventually had to be pushed out, but it's a shame to see go. I think it was a better product than in some ways, and I'm all for competition and user choice. Too bad Nambu doesn't feel the same way.

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