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Mozilla releases Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1

Firefox 3.6 alpha 1
Mozilla has released the first Alpha version of Firefox 3.6, code-named Namoroka. the pre-release version of the browser is available for Windows, Linux, and OS X, and includes a number of new features including:
  • Tab previews when you hit Ctrl + Tab
  • Faster JavaScript engine
  • Improved startup speed and overall responsiveness
  • Better session restore features
This is still an early release, and there are a number of known issues. You can read about them in the release notes. It's also worth noting that the tab previews weren't enabled by default when I first installed Firefox 3.6 alpha 1. In order to enable them, type "about:config" into the location bar (without quotes) and then search for browser.ctrlTab.previews and set the value to true.

[via Mozilla Links]

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