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The Mac Sale offers 10 Mac apps for $49

Mac software bundles are a dime a dozen these days. Just yesterday, my pal Steve Sande wrote about the Mac Bundle Box for TUAW and it seems nearly every week, my inbox gets a notice about this bundle promotion or that bundle promotion. At first glance The Mac Sale doesn't seem that different from other Mac bundles that have come out recently. For $49, you get 10 applications that are valued at $450.

What caught my eye about The Mac Sale was that many of the apps in the bundle are what I would call "hidden gems" in the Mac software space.

Here's the rundown of applications:
  • REALBasic Personal - A rapid development tool that also exists for Linux and Windows.
  • Iris - An image manipulation program.
  • Interarchy - One of the oldest -- and most versatile -- file transfer programs for the Mac.
  • Flux - This is like Dreamweaver on steroids. I really like Flux and have been contemplating writing a separate post just about it.
  • Scribbles - A fun sketching program.
  • TaskPaper - Really nice task manager. I love TaskPaper.
  • WriteRoom - Jay reviewed the mobile version yesterday and the OS X version is totally great for writers.
  • Stuf - Clipboard manager that lets you share items over your network.
  • Mariner Calc - Very good spreadsheet app.
  • HoudahSpot - Spotlight on crack.
The Mac Sale will be going on until August 18th, so you've got two weeks to get in on the deal.

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