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Tech beta invitees get free Windows 7 Ultimate, Vista Ultimate owners still stewing

Last week, Brandon LeBlanc played the Grinch, squashing the hopes of scores of Technical Beta testers who thought they'd be rewarded with a gratis copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.

Not so fast, says Microsoft! As LeBlanc himself puts it in a brief blog post, "Normally I hate to be wrong but in this case, I'm stoked that I am." If you received an invitation from Microsoft, you'll be getting that free copy you hoped for.

Unsure as to whether or not you qualify? Mary Jo Foley has a post a CNet that should clear up any questions.

Vista Ultimate owners - that's another story. Hopefully you took advantage of the $49 pre-order for Home Premium when you had the chance, since that may have been your best chance to catch a break on the upgrade. If not, well, you're on the hook for another $119.99 or $219.99 if you want to roll the dice on the Ultimate Edition again.

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