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Mozilla Weave gets faster, adds Fennec support on WinMo in .5 release

I've been using Weave for a while now to stay on top of my browsing syncing chores. While it's still in beta, Weave has already come a long way since its initial release.

Yesterday, Mozilla Labs debuted version .5. The most noticeable change? Weave now stays out of the way while you're actively browsing in Firefox, waiting to go idle. On a mostly bare Firefox install (the only other addon I have installed is Personal Menu), Weave .4 caused the occasional performance hiccup. So far with .5, it's been smooth sailing.

The official blog post also reports improved performance in uploading and downloading - which I also noticed when setting up Firefox on my office system. While I can't provide an exact time, I'd estimate that it took roughly half the time to sync my profile from scratch as it did with .4.

Weave .5 also supports password and passphrase changes, handling for bookmark tags and smart folders, and adds support for Fennec on Windows Mobile. OpenSolaris users are now able to get in on the fun as well.

If you install Weave and you're concerned about security, you may want to head to its preferences screen and take the check out of the "automatically connect" box and choose not to remember your Weave password when you sign in next time.

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