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Google Chrome adds better theme support, gallery in the works

Extensions in the wild may be a little slow in appearing, but themes for Google Chrome? They've just gotten a lot easier to install and there may be a flood of them available very shortly.

Right now, there are only two demo themes available -- Snowflake (screenshot) and Camo. Based on the thumbnail in Chrome's new tab, Google has a whole lot more that are nearly ready for public consumption. The actual link returns a 404 error, and then, of course, the thumbnail breaks accordingly.

Once the link goes live, you'll have easy access through Options -> Personal stuff. Buttons have been added to reset Chrome to its default theme or download something new.

It's a huge step forward from the old method - renaming and replacing a .dll in your application data folder. CNet's Stephen Shankland reports that this is working on Mac OS X as well.

To try it out, you'll need to update your dev channel build or download it from Google.

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