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Windows 7 activation already cracked with OEM volume license key

Getting your hands on the WIndows 7 RTM build isn't really that hard at this point. It's all over torrent trackers and other file sharing networks (including the meatspace "can you burn me a copy" network).

That's only step one, of course. Without a valid key to activate your copy, you're dead in the water eventually.

However, just as it happened with Windows Vista, there's already been a Windows 7 crack created utilizing a major OEM's volume license pre-activation key. Instead of Dell, this time the key in question belongs to Lenovo. The key and OEM certificate were simply extracted from the Windows 7 Ultimate .wim files.

Reports from various other sites and forums indicate that the crack will only work for Windows 7 Ultimate, though both 32 and 64 bit versions can be cracked. What about Genuine Advantage? Passed with flying colors. That doesn't mean Microsoft will never sort this out, but I have my doubts - it was never blocked with Vista.

We're not linking to the actual crack or any of the proof-of-concept posts, of course, so don't ask. If you're already running the RTM, you'll be able to figure things out for yourself anyway.

[via Softpedia]

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