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iPhone devs share info to avoid App Store rejection

Apple is notorious for its seemingly arbitrary review policies for iPhone applications, and stories of apps being rejected for unexpected reasons abound. Developers have trouble navigating the ambiguous minefield of App Store policies -- what's allowed or not allowed in a "lite" version, for example -- and there's nowhere to turn to for advice on successfully complying with the rules and getting your app ready for sale.

That's why developers are starting to help each other. There's now a Tumblr-hosted blog that posts app rejection letters from Apple, so the dev community can get a better sense of how these rules are being enforced.

The published feedback on the Application Submission Feedback blog is supposed to act as a necessary replacement for the rules that Apple has either left unclear or failed to state altogether. So far, it deals with tricky problems like 17+ ratings, lite apps and images of iPhones. As the site collects more data from people who have been rejected, it could become essential reading, and a kind of missing manual for the stuff Apple won't say outright.

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