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VoxOx 2 adds "personal assistant" to screen your calls

VoxOx 2.02
VoxOx is a chat, social networking, and VoIP communications tool for Windows and Mac. When you sign up for a beta account, you're assigned a phone number which people can dial from any phone to reach you. You can also make free calls to other VoxOx users or cheap calls to phone numbers.

We first looked at VoxOx when the service launched in November. This month, the VoxOx team released version 2, which is more stable and which has a handful of new features including:
  • A digital "personal assistant" that screens calls, sends them to voicemail, or routes them to your phone depending on your preferences
  • Send and receive texts from your VoxOx number
  • Skype IM integration (as well as Facebook and MySpace)
VoxOx 2 also loads faster and uses less memory than the initial release.

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