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Microsoft reveals upgrade paths for Windows 7


Windows users wondering if you'll be able to pop in a shiny new Windows 7 disc, push the Install button, and watch as your computer is upgraded while leaving your data and programs in place, rejoice; Microsoft has released the official list of supported Windows 7 upgrade paths. Here are the highlights:
  • Windows XP and below users are out of luck. You must have Windows Vista SP1 or newer to upgrade to Windows 7.
  • You can't upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows Vista Starter Edition.
  • If you're upgrading from Windows Vista, you must upgrade to one of the standard Windows 7 SKUs (meaning you can't upgrade to Windows N, Windows K, Windows KN, or Windows E.)
  • Windows Vista's "Business" SKU is now called "Professional" in Windows 7. Don't be alarmed when you can't find Windows 7 "Business" on the shelves.
I'm a little surprised that moving from Windows XP isn't a supported upgrade path, but aside from that, there's nothing too terribly out of the ordinary here.

[via Windows 7 News]

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