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Apple pulls Google Voice apps from the App Store

GV MobileApple doesn't particularly like it when developer release applications that compete directly with Apple's iPhone software. That's why you won't find any full featured web browsers in the App Store. And apparently it's why you also won't find any mobile apps for using Google Voice.

Of course, up until recently, there was an unofficial Google Voice app called GV Mobile that let you make and receive calls and access your Google Voice voicemail. But the developer says his app was removed, and Apple says it's because it duplicates features that come with the iPhone. Apparently Google ran into the same problem when the company tried to submit an official Google Voice application to Apple 6 weeks ago. TechCrunch reports that the app was rejected.

It makes sense for Apple to block a program like Google Voice, but not because it competes with Apple's software. Instead, Google Voice essentially lets users get around some of AT&T's fees by sending free text messages and making cheap phone calls, even to international locations.

But at a time when Google is releasing Google Voice apps for BlackBerry, Android, and other other platforms, does Apple really want to be the holdout here? Especially since Apple has already approved a Skype application, which also duplicates some of the iPhone's native features while letting users send messages and make phone calls without paying additional fees to AT&T.

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