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Google Latitude looks great on the iPhone

Google Latitude is a great tool for sharing your location with your friends, and it works on a number of different mobile devices. Until recently, though, the iPhone was left out of the Latitude loop. Because of Apple's restrictions on iPhone apps running in the background, iPhone users didn't have access to Latitude's full set of features. Google and Apple have worked around that problem now, and Latitude options on Google's mobile site are rolling out now.

The iPhone Latitude experience is pretty smooth. Adding friends, approving requests, and changing privacy settings were all extremely easy. Privacy is adjustable for each contact you add: you can show your specific location, just your city, or nothing at all. Latitude can also update your location automatically or manually, depending on your preference.

Sure, you can be sour that Latitude is web app and not a native iPhone app, but it's a really well-done web app. Besides, a Latitude iPhone app would likely have been rejected by Apple for overlapping functionality with Apple's built-in Maps app (which happens to serve Google's maps).

[via CNET]

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