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Excellent free burning program ImgBurn turns 2.5

Last year, some of our commenters steered me toward ImgBurn as a Nero alternative, and it's been my CD and DVD recording app of choice ever since. It's an excellent lightweight program, handles just about every kind of disc-related task imaginable, and it's totally free.

Version 2.5 boasts a big list of additions, changes, and bugfixes, though the core functionality remains the same. It still burns discs and creates images as well as any program out there (if not better).

ImgBurn can also run as a portable app, perfect for carrying on your USB flash drive for burning on the go. Portable Freeware offers the following easy steps to convert the installer:
Download the installer and extract (using 7zip or similar) to a folder of your choice. Remove $PLUGINSDIR and [NSIS].nsi. Create an empty file called ImgBurn.ini in the same folder. Launch using "ImgBurn.exe /portable".
The author suggests a paltry $2 donation for those who wish to support the program. If you feel like kicking in a couple bucks, you can do it via Paypal.

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