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"Baby, please don't go!" Facebook laying it on thick when you deactivate

Like a desperate boyfriend who's just been given a one-way ticket to Splitsville by his girfriend, Facebook is going to do its best to win you back. Before you push the big red button and vaporize your account (but not your content, since Facebook can keep it locked up in the basement 'till the sun doesn't shine) they're giving your heartstrings a good, hard tug.

Yes, they've found another great way to put your friend's photos to good (and acceptable) use. They're going to guilt you into staying a member of the social networking goliath when you visit the deletion page. I enjoy the zinger Facebook includes, which reads: "Your [number] friends will no longer be able to keep in touch with you." [sad trombone] Yet further down the page, there's a great big list of opt-outs for you to peruse.

Why? "Even after you deactivate, your friends can still invite you to events, tag you in photos, or ask you to join groups." So wait...They can't keep in touch, but they can invite me to parties, post and tag pictures of those parties, and ask me to join groups that plan upcoming parties?

Man, that's really cutting the lines of communication.

I definitely wouldn't call this a "brilliant tactic" as Mashable's Jennifer Van Grove did. Of the pictures Facebook chose to display to me, I've only actually messaged two people and each of them only a single time. There are other users I've interacted with a heck of a lot more and would actually give a rat's ass. These three? Nothing against them, but they probably wouldn't notice my account missing.

Maybe this works better on more active users. Try it yourself - are the recommendations on point, or are they as off the mark as a Geroge W. Bush anecdote?

[via Switched]

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