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Supreme SuperGamer packs tons of Linux gaming onto a dual-layer DVD

While you might not be able to play all the latest major release games on Linux, there are still plenty of excellent games that will work on the OS. I ran down 25 cross-platform titles a while back, many of which began as Linux-only games.

Want an easy way to try out a whole slew of 'em? Take the Supreme SuperGamer distro for a spin.

It's built on top of Vector Linux, a speedy little Slackware-based distro. What games are included? There's Doom 3, Quake Wars, Urban Terror, Soldier of Fortune, Postal 2, Nexuiz, America's Army, Torcs, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Unreal Tournament, Chromium B.S.U., Frets on Fire...and a whole lot more.

The ISO download is for a dual-layer DVD, so you'll need to have a compatible burner and the right media handy. If you're underquipped or just don't feel like torrenting 7+ gigs of data, you can pick up a DVD from On-Disk for $15.99.

note: screenshot is from an older version. my download hasn't quite finished yet...

[via DistroWatch]

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