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Torrent sites RTM Windows 7 before Microsoft does

Microsoft is head-over-heels excited about this announcement: Build 7600.16385 has been officially declared the RTM version of Windows 7.

Strike up the marching bands! Bring in the dancing girls!

But hang on just a tic. Isn't build 7600.16385 already floating around all over the P2P filesharing ether? The previous incremental build 7600.16384 looked pretty real, based on what Softpedia shared.

It sure looks like the new leak is the real deal. IsoHunt has several results for 7600.16385 and they've been happily active for several days. I've even seen it installed firsthand - on someone's Toshiba laptop, though I can't recall where *cough*.

Of course, Microsoft's official line all along has been to stay away from leaked ISOs, because you never know what kind of pure digital evil might be hiding inside. And there could very well be some subtle differences between what's been leaked and what winds up preinstalled on systems and boxed on retail shelves.

I'm pretty convinced that what's out there is legitimate and that someone, somewhere (possibly in Eastern Europe - Wzor, we're looking at you) leaked the build that was later signed off on as the RTM.

What about you?

Breaking addition! Check after the break for ACTION-PACKED footage of Steven Sinofsky signing off! It's better than an episode of Briscoe County Jr....

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