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Google Docs hints at GDrive... maybe

Google Docs files
Google has been busy rolling out new features for Google Docs over the past few weeks, including the ability to upload and share document templates with other users. But it's a smaller change which could be even more interesting. Under the sort items by type menu, "PDF" has been replaced with "Files." And that could mean that Google is preparing to let users upload and store other file types soon.

There've been rumors that Google was working on an online storage service for years. After all, Google already offers Gmail users over 7GB of storage space. Throw in a Picasa account, Google Docs, and a few other services and you're looking at nearly 10GB of free web storage space. Why not give users an easy way to access all of their uploaded files in one place?

Of course, we've been down this road before, and I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a day that may never come. But ReadWriteWeb's Sarah Perez does make an interesting point: Google could be planning to launch the mythical GDrive when the Google Chrome Operating System is ready for the public. After all, the OS is designed for netbooks, which are often considered to be secondary computers. It makes sense that a mostly cloud-based OS would include a cloud-based storage system for either storing all of your files or at least synchronizing files between your computer(s) and the web.

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