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It's official, Windows 7 will RTM on August 6 - family pack confirmed

Brandon LeBlanc has spilled the RTM beans, announcing today that MSDN, Technet, and just about anyone else who isn't a retail customer or small OEM will be able to get their hands on the English Windows 7 RTM starting August 6, 2009. Additional languages may take until October 1st to appear.

Based on the way things have been happening thus far on the Windows 7 release timeline, that means should have the RTM on August 1st or 2nd and it'll be all over filesharing networks within a few hours of seeding.

We, of course, advocate only using a genuine TechNet subscription and downloading through official Microsoft channels. That said, should Microsoft's servers fail to handle the load once again or you don't want to monkey with an Akamai downloader, you'll have "other options."

The post will also point you to, where you can find information about - what else - Windows 7 readiness.

Way, way down at the bottom, LeBlanc also confirms the much-talked about Windows 7 family pack, saying "I'm happy to confirm that we will indeed be offering a family pack of Windows 7 Home Premium (in select markets) which will allow installation on up to 3 PCs."

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