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Google Wave to send out 100,000 invites in September

Google Wave
Google has already started handing out invites to the company's experimental Google Wave product to developers interested in working with the Wave API. To date, there are about 6,000 developer accounts, and Google plans to open 20,000 more next month.

But what about the general public? Google plans to start sending out 100,000 beta invitations to users who want to help test Google Wave starting on September 30th. You can sign up for more information about the limited launch at

If you need a refresher on exactly what Google Wave is, check out Lee's post from May. But in a nutshell, Wave is a new communication platform that combines some of the features of Gmail with social networking and lifestreaming tools like Facebook and Twitter. The idea was to figure out what email would look like if it were invented from scratch today.

If you've got an hour to spare, you can check out a detailed video demo from the Google I/O conference after the break.

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