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Cforms II WordPress plugin - easily create forms for your WordPress blog

Cforms II

For non-programmers, creating web forms to collect information from a website can be a real hassle. For example, what if you wanted to put a form on your blog to allow people to contact you, without exposing your email address to the nasties lurking online?

If your blog is on WordPress and you're looking for a solution to this problem, give Cforms II a try. Cforms II is a WordPress plugin that instantly gives your blog very full-featured form creation and management capabilities. Out of the box it comes with a few pre-configured forms like the previously-mentioned contact form, as well as a newsletter subscription form, tell-a-friend form, online booking form, and a sign-up form, among other variations of contact forms.

Cforms II is oddly hosted on what at first appears to be a blog supporting a cook book. Delicious Days is actually a blog run by a couple, Nicky and Oliver. Nicky is a foodie, and the site appears to belong primarily to her, and Oliver is the techie, so it seems likely that Cforms II and the two other WordPress plugins hosted at Delicious Days are his handy work.

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