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Adobe open sources Media Framework, text engine behind TimesReader 2.0

This morning, Adobe announced the release of two major pieces of software as open source- the OSMF (Open Source Media Framework) and TLF (Text Layout Framework) - under the Mozilla Public License.

TLF is the new text-rendering engine in Air 1.5, where it handles things like the typographical wizardry in TimesReader 2.0. A major goal with TLF was to provide web application developers a set of features more like those provided by desktop publishing suites.

Other sites utilizing TLF include Adobe's own Presentations and Makebook, a slick web service which allows independent authors to self-publish. It's also powering the Boston Globe's GlobeReader, which is currently available for preview.

Adobe and Akamai have also teamed up to continue work on the Open Video Player initiative, which is aimed at providing a consistent platform for delivering Flash multimedia content. As they put forth on the project web site, "Open Source Media Framework enables developers to easily assemble pluggable components to create high-quality, full-featured playback experiences."

Adobe believes the frameworks will provide reduced development time, allowing traditional media outlets (like the Times and Globe) to focus on monetization - a problem few have yet to solve.

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