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YouTube and Digg help speed up the slow death of IE6

As browsers and web standards evolve, Internet Explorer 6 becomes a great and greater liability to web designers. Making sites compatible with the dilapidated browser has taken up countless working hours, and led to several calls to get rid of it or stop supporting it altogether. It seems some progress is finally being made, though, with YouTube ending IE6 support and Digg discussing doing the same. If other high-traffic sites follow suit, perhaps business will stop forcing employees to use horribly outdated browser.

Digg was considering adding a message encouraging IE6 users to upgrade their browsers, but ultimately decided against it, after finding that a huge number of IE6 users had to use the browser at work, or didn't have admin access on their machines to install something better. YouTube, on the other hand, gives IE6 users prominent links to each of the three biggest modern browsers (Firefox, IE8 and Chrome). YouTube hasn't released any statistics yet, but IE6 users only accounted for a single-digit percentage of Digg's traffic. If other high profiles sites decide they're sick of spending time and money to support 5% of their visitors, IE6 might finally get to rest in peace.

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