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MyDefrag: The disk defragmenter formerly known as JkDefrag

JkDefrag is a popular disk defragmenting utility for for Windows that can analyze and optimize your hard disk performance. But JkDefrag was retired recently. Or rather, the name was. The new version, which was released last week is called MyDefrag, and the latest version includes support for additional languages, and a bunch of bug fixes.

MyDefrag actually offers a handful of different tools, that let you perform actions including analyzing your disks, defragmenting, or optimizing them. The program is faster and more customizable than the built-in Windows defrag utility. And it offers a ton of statistics as it defragments, along with a rather busy looking visualization. You can zoom in on the visualization by clicking on the screen, though.

While the software was based on JkDefrag, MyDefrag includes a new set of command line parameters and is no longer compatible with older versions of JkDefrag. You can find a complete list of changes by reading the release notes of MyDefrag 4.0 as well as the 12 beta versions that preceded it.

[via Filehippo]

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