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Transdroid remotely controls torrent downloads from your Android handset

iPhone users have been told we aren't allowed to play with a nasty little application like Drivetrain, which remotely controls transmission downloads. We might be using it to control illegal download on another machine, after all, and Apple doesn't want us getting into trouble.

Android users, however, are free to install Transdroid - a handy little app that interfaces with Transmission, uTorrent, Deluge, and rTorrent. In addition to pausing, resuming, and removing torrents, Transdroid can also add new torrents via an IsoHunt powered search (or by providing a URL).

There's also a handy dashboard widget so you can monitor activity without launching the app itself.

Want to see Transdroid in action? Check the Vimeo clip after the break!

[via Android Freeware]

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