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Salling Media Sync replaces missing Palm Pre iTunes sync and more

When Apple updated iTunes to block the much-anticipated iTunes syncing feature of the Palm Pre, some of us at assumed it was just a matter of time until a third-party developer added it back. Salling Media Sync, an app that already had quite a few useful features, now does Pre-to-iTunes syncing, too. Salling Software admits the update was specifically designed to appeal to Pre users who feel burned by Apple's update.

Salling Media Sync can transfer photos, podcasts, playlists and music to a variety of phones. Along with the Pre, it supports a ton of Nokia, Sony, and HTC devices, as well as the Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm. There are Mac and Windows versions, and they both requireiTunes 7.6 or newer. Salling Media Sync is free, with faster syncing if you buy a license for $22.

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