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How to install a browser if you don't have a browser (Windows 7 E)

Internet Explorer 8 order CDs
Once upon a time, the internet didn't just mean the World Wide Web. If you wanted to download a file, you could fire up a gopher or FTP session and connect to a remote computer, often using a command-line interface. Theoretically, you can still do that in some cases, but it's a dying art. And that leads to a basic question for many PC users in Europe: Since Microsoft will be shipping Windows 7 E without a web browser, how are people supposed to install their own?

There are a number of answers. Probably the simplest is to download the installer file for your browser of choice on another computer and copy it to your PC after installing Windows 7 E using a USB flash drive, CD, or other removable storage media. For instance, if you've got a PC running Windows XP and you want to upgrade it to Windows 7, just download the Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, or other installer files, store them on a flash drive, and then go ahead and upgrade. In fact, this is pretty much what Microsoft recommends European users do before upgrading.

Another option is to order a CD with Internet Explorer on it when you purchase Windows 7 E. Microsoft is selling IE8 installation CDs for about 3,90 € or £3.44.

You can also purchase Firefox on a CD for $4.20 from the Mozilla Store.

[via gHacks]

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