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App Stores for everyone: Symbian jumps on the bandwagon

Samsung phone running Symbian OS 9.2Symbian is the latest company to announce plans to launch a mobile app store... sort of. What Symbian is actually expected to announced today is more of an App Store platform that will allow developers to market and sell their applications through a variety of stores including Nokia's recently launched Ovi store.

Nearly half of the world's smartphones run the Symbian operating system, but a relatively small portion of US customers have Symbian-based phones. And while there are app stores for BlackBerry, iPhone, Google Android, and Windows Mobile phones, which make it easy for users to download and install applications directly on their devices, Symbian users (with the exception of Nokia owners) have been left out in the cold.

Symbian isn't looking to profit directly from its app store platform. It won't be taking a cut of profits from developers. Rather, the idea is to encourage developers to write programs for the platform to help keep Symbian competitive, although with Symbian's global smartphone marketshare hovering around 49 percent, this sounds like more of a long term goal than a short term one.

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