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Windows 7 RTM coming soon... but not here yet

Windows 7
There was a nasty rumor going around a few weeks ago that Windows 7 RTM (release to manufacturing) would be available on July 13th. You may have noticed today is the 14th. So what happened? Not much.

According to Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc, the Windows 7 team is on track to ship Windows 7 to manufacturers for testing and inclusion on upcoming PCs during the second half of July. Microsoft is still putting the finishing touches on the operating system before sending it out to manufacturers, and even after the RTM is available, work will continue on Windows 7 right up until the date it's made available to the general public on October 22nd (and presumably after that date as well, unless Microsoft has succeeded in creating a bug-free super-operating-system).

In other words, while yet another pre-release build of Windows 7 leaked out onto BitTorrent trackers this week, that version isn't Windows 7 RTM.

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