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Google Android to get three more delicious flavors

FlanIn case you haven't noticed, companies have a tendency to give often-silly sounding codenames to upcoming software releases. Ubuntu Linux, for example, gives each major operating system update an alliterative adjective/animal name such as "Hardy Heron," "Intrepid Ibex," and "Jaunty Jackalope." Google, on the other hand, is going for desserts with its Android operating system.

The company has already released an OS update code-named "cupcake," and the next version of Google Android is being called Donut. But it looks like Google is already looking ahead. Google's Andy Rubin tells Information Week the company has already picked out names for the next few updates, including Eclair and Flan.

That's right. Flan. Any thoughts on what obscure and possibly tasty treat Google has planned for the 24th Android release? (That'd be the one that will theoretically start with the letter X).

No word on what new features will be included in Eclair of Flan.

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