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3DSee is 3D modeling made easy on the web

3DSee is a way to generate 3D models of real-life objects without doing a ton of complex drawing and tracing. You just need to take several digital photos of the object, and 3DSee can generate a greyscale "bump map" that it can use to render your object in three dimensions. Right now you can just get a low-res model textured from one of your images, but the software actually creates a higher-quality fully-textured model that might be available for download in the future.

3DSee's "coming soon" features look pretty impressive. In addition to high-def mesh models, the site also plans to support Second Life output files. If I'm reading that correctly, it would definitely save Second Life users a lot of time and trouble when it comes to getting their favorite real-life objects into the game as models. Although I'm sure it will take some time for users to get the hang of taking the right photos to get a good render, the concept behind 3DSee is very strong. A lot of non-artists would love to experiment with 3D, and 3DSee looks like a great chance to do that.

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