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Hot new Mozilla browser released for ... Mac OS 9?

Here at Download Squad, we're always excited to report on the latest browsers. In recent months, we've seen some impressive updates to Firefox, Safari and Opera, and the debut of Chrome. Those are all great, but do any of them run on Mac OS 9? Classilla, a Mozilla variant, brings the hottest new browser technology to an unsupported (but fondly remembered) old OS.

Classilla comes from the recognition that old PowerMacs could still have some life in them if they had a browser that supported current web technologies. Instead of Mozilla's current Gecko rendering engine, Classilla uses Clecko, an engine that forked off from Gecko when Mozilla stopped developing for the Mac OS 9/Classic environment. Although you won't be able to view every webpage in Classilla, it's an open source project that aims to continue updating for better security and standards-compliance.

[via Slashdot]

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