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Miro 2.5 RC1 released: Internet video player for Windows, OS X

Miro 2.5
Miro is an open source media application for Windows, Linux, and OS X that lets you download and manage video podcasts, watch web video, or movies stored on your desktop. This week the Miro team launched the first release candidate for version 2.5. It's available for Windows or OS X, and the source code is also available for anyone interested in compiling it for Linux.

The latest version is designed to be faster than Miro 2.0 while using less memory. There don't appear to be a ton of new features, but Miro 2.5 RC1 does have a tantalizing section marked "Miro Audio Guide" which would seem to imply that Miro plans to add links to audio podcasts soon. That would be a welcome addition, particularly since my favorite podcatcher, Juice, hasn't been updated in ages.

[via gHacks]

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