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Yes, Windows 7 really will RTM in ten days

Microsoft has activated the kill annoy-the-crap-out-of-you switch on Windows 7 Beta and urged us to install the RC, upgrade coupon plans have been announced, pre-orders are being taken, the Family Pack license has surfaced, and things appear to be on track for the RTM to release just ten days from now.

As mentioned a two weeks ago
- and now been confirmed by an 'inside source' close to our chum Paul at Geeksmack - the final build is slated for July 10th and code sign-off will follow on the 13th.

General availability won't come until October, officially. However, since the RTM ISO downloads will be available to Technet and MSDN subscribers soon, they'll probably be available on every torrent tracker in the known universe within hours of the first successful download.

Or sooner, if the crew at is feeling generous.

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