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Free GFI Backup Home offers powerful-yet-simple backup and sync

A good backup routine is a must for anyone that has any important data on his or her computer. Your documents, photos, music - even your Photoshop brushes and settings - those things are all a real pain to recover when they go missing.

For home users running Windows, GFI Backup is an excellent option. Not only does it do traditional folder and files backups, but it also makes backing up your registry, email, and program settings a breeze. The program settings feature is especially handy, and comes with built-in support for apps like Skype, Putty, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Winamp, Firefox, IE, and Opera.

Backups can be saved to CD/DVD, removable drives, LAN folders, or remote FTP. Scheduling, compression, and AES encryption are also supported, and GFI can also run tasks before and after your backup job - say, a CCleaner /auto run to make sure you're not backing up useless files.

And since a number of users sync to external hard drives or NAS devices instead of backing up, GFI can also handle synchronization tasks, too. It's an excellent, free way to keep your data safe.

If you'd rather not register on the GFI site to get the download, you can also find it at Snapfiles.

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