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Control Windows volume with keyboard shortcuts with 3RVX

3RVX3RVX is a utility that lets you control your computer's volume using global hotkeys including keyboard or mouse shortcuts. If you don't have a keyboard with volume controls on it, this can come in handy and save you the valuable fraction of a second it takes to click on the over the Windows volume icon and adjust the volume the old fashioned way.

As an added bonus, 3RVX also has a rather attractive volume indicator that shows up when you adjust the volume. The default view looks a lot like the OS X volume indicator. But you can choose from a number of skins or create your own. You can also change the global hotkeys, choose whether to show a system tray icon, and tweak a number of other settings. You can check out some of the settings in the image after the break.

3RVX is available as a free download. The developer's page is a bit sparce, but just look around until you find the installer for the most recent version. You can also check ou the documentation for more information.

[via Freeware Genius]
3RVX settings

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