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Windows 7 RTM final build on schedule for July 10th

If they're not leaking announcing leaked builds of Windows 7, they're sharing news from internal memos. has posted the time table for Windows 7's path to RTM:
6/1 - 6/19 BUILDING RTM ESCROW - already assembled RTM ESCROW.
6/22 - 7/10 RTM RECALL - assembly and search for candidates to the final RTM release.
7/10 WINDOWS 7 RTM FINAL BUILD TARGET - build day "gold code".
7/13 WINDOWS 7 RTM SIGN-OFF - the date of signing the final RTM release!
Upgrade coupon plans are in place and some pricing details have been leaked (thank you, Best Buy), but none of this is official yet. We'll just have to wait for Microsoft to quit playing the Hokey Pokey with the Windows 7 product page on their web store or at least for an announcement out of Redmond.

It will be interesting to see which appreas first: a leaked VHD of the Windows 7 RTM or Microsoft's announcement that it has been completed.

[via NeoWin]

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