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25 awesome Cross-platform games you can download for free - your picks!

I cut my list off at 25 games, which means some great ones weren't included. Since they started to appear in the comments, I've added a page for your choices. Thanks for pitching in!

FreeCol - Oh crap, I'm in trouble. As if I hadn't blown enough time over the years on the various Colonization/Civlization games. Explore new lands, build a nation, survive, and win! Thanks to wcroskeys for suggesting this one!

Neuiz / Tremulous / Urban Terror - I included Nexuiz and Tremulous on a previous post, but all three of these great FPS games are worth mentioning again. There you go, zezke!

OpenArena / Alien Arena - By now you've noticed that cross-platform, open source gaming and FPS go hand in hand. Two more great choices, and as posted by 404 it may just have the most polished visuals of any in the bunch. Thanks to him, and to Austen for OpenArena!

Scorched 3D - A remake of the classic turn-based artillery game. Challenge other players online and be sure to check out some of the interesting mods, like Christmas and Stone Age. Big ba-da-boom. Thanks, Randy!

Warzone 2100 - Thanks to, er, John Doe for offering Warzone - a 3D RTS set in the future with a massive number of technologies (over 400) and units (more than 2,000). Multiplayer mode supports up to eight players.

Want more RTS action? Check out the list of games built on the Spring Engine, which feature themes like Star Wars, Gundam, and WWII (Spring: 1944). Thanks, Waldo!

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