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Tgethr provides simple email-based collaboration for groups

There are plenty of complex, feature-rich collaboration systems out there, but the web developers at Tgethr found that they weren't using all those extras. When it came down to it, all of their collaboration was happening over email, and Tgethr is just a way to make that email system work better. Start a new group with its own email address, and Tgethr can encrypt and archive all the messages sent to that address online for easy reading.

The cool thing about Tgethr is that it's not really another service to use and commit to. You can respond quickly to the group by using your email client, and all the messages wind up in your inbox. Attachments get saved and linked, so you can download them from the web instead of having them sit in the individual inboxes of people in the group. If you're looking for a simple, sensible way to do email groups, Tgethr is a good bet.

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